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👽 CryptoAlien on The Open Network blockchain! A specially generated collection consisting of 5,000 crypto aliens.


Tonsylvania is an ecosystem associated with the dark world of vampires. Get vampiric with a collection of 6666 vampires and get blood by exchanging it for TONCOIN. All owners have the unique opportunity to use their Tonsilvania Vampires to unlock all club membership benefits, access the match-to-earn app and exclusive future status physical goods and events.


(en) TonCells – editable NFT collection on TON blockchain The project was inspired by """", so we decided to build the same page but with decentralized backend and where every cell is NFT, that can be edited at any time in any way its owner wants (add any picture, link and description). Every NFT represents cell 16*16 pixels, that located on 100x100 cells map. So there will be 10 thousands NFT in collection. - (ru) TonCells — редактируемая коллекция NFT на блокчейне TON Проект был вдохновлен """", поэтому мы решили создать такую же страницу, но с децентрализованным бэкендом и где каждая ячейка - это NFT, которую можно редактировать в любое время так, как захочет ее владелец (добавить любую картинку, ссылку и описание). Каждая NFT представляет собой ячейку 16*16 пикселей, расположенную на карте 100x100 ячеек. Таким образом, в коллекции будет 10 тысяч NFT.

Startup Market

Startup Market is a new generation DeFi platform for financing any startups under the crowdfunding scheme, a platform with more freedom and decentralization, on the TON blockchain. Startup Market will be the best Defi platform for crowdfunding in cryptocurrency: — For creative, scientific or industrial projects — Convenient for projects in the crypto industry — Platform for funding existing companies — Perfect for IT projects Startup Market removes all barriers for its participants, investors and teams, because all fees will be paid only in TON cryptocurrency. The whole world participates, our project is significantly different from others, known to the community, because we will be open to all countries. Any country can participate. 20+ languages, translation will allow you to overcome the language barrier and increase the implementation of startups, inventions and various ideas.

TON Fingerprints

This is a collection of 10 000 unique digital fingerprints created based on the algorithm for generating basic rings using a noise texture. Like human fingerprints, you can now use them for the Web3 and Metaverse era as digital biometric information on The Open Network.

The Marginals Squad

The Marginals Squad is an art project aimed at showing our idea of how fast fashion and trends change. The first collection will consist of 1111 NFTs, which is created from more than 100 unique hand-drawn attributes.

Парадная NFT

ПАРАДНАЯ NFT — Мы пишем про NFT простым языком. Только наше личное мнение, никакой рекламы. Честные обзоры проверенных проектов. Новости NFT из Метавселенных. Подпишись и на наш канал про TON @FrontTON и @FrontNFT в Telegram.

Non-Fungible Rabbits

Генеративная коллекция 3д и мультяшных кроликов на блокчейне TON с уникальной идеей.

Legends of TON

Legends of TON коллекция из 256 уникальных 1/1 NFT каждая из которых отрисована в ручную. Каждое изображение является фентази персонажа живущего на блокчейне TON. Формат отлично подходит для аватара и покажет вашу индивидуальность.


This is a collection of 3D works of art consisting of 5555 objects, glossy reflections, soft shadows, released exclusively, hand-drawn, which you can install as an avatar, sell and move through trading platforms that will live on the blockchain of the open network. Income is taken into account, for owners of expensive dogs.

TON Island

TON Island is a collection of islands created for the The Open Network blockchain.